About the Nuvolat Cloud Group

Nuvolat Cloud Group is a specialized managed hosting and cloud computing provider. We have built our cloud offerings on the world most popular VMware vCloud Suite and we deliver out of 4 US datacenters. Coast to coast.

We host over 130,000 virtual machines and over 70 PB of highly redundant and available storage for our customers and partners.

Nuvolat can count on the expertise of more than 150 employees, world wide.

HCSquare is a service from Nuvolat Cloud Group that leverages our experience with VMware’s product offerings as well as our own virtualization and hosting experience.


Jonathan Kos


Jonathan Kos is spearheading the Nuvolat Sales operations and is the key-strategist for HCSquare. He has been instrumental to the success of many commercial teams prior to joining Nuvolat. Jonathan is expanding the U.S. Sales efforts and is building a strong Nuvolat sales channel. He brings over 15 years of experience in the Telecom industry to the table and has a strong background in building sales channel teams.


Cory Chamberlain

VP Sales

Cory Chamberlain has worked in Channel Sales & Business Development for the past 10 years. He has experience working with Fortune 500 companies with a global presence as well as with Mid-Size start-up technology companies. Cory has shared success in other markets including Finance and Communication & Entertainment. Cory has earned a Degree in Business Administration from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, as well as his Master’s Degree in Competitive Intelligence from Robert Morris University of Pennsylvania.


Imran Syed

VP Cloud Services & Delivery

Imran Syed is an entrepreneurial-spirited, pioneering technologist with 17+ years of technology and executive-level experience in identifying, evaluating, qualifying, architecting and building technologically advanced cloud solutions, IT infrastructure solutions and enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives. Powerful blend of technology and business acumen. Experienced at building large-scale, massive distributed cloud eco systems for channel and end consumers. Comprehensive understanding of different business domains.

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